Mint Mango Sherbet

There is nothing like a refreshing non-dairy sherbet. It is so scrumptious it will have you wanting it another day. The ingredients are simple. No more than three ingredients and the color just brightens your life. Recipe: Mint leavesMangosCoconut Water I blended it in a Ninja Blender. Enjoy Signed, iamshawonnica

Vegan Travel

Sorry it has been a while since I been on.  I prepared this post sometime ago and just getting a chance to post. Read the post and please provide feedback on vegan restaurants everywhere. I can't wait to hear back from you. Finding Vegan Food and staying on track was an adventure, but I got … More Vegan Travel


Pampering is very necessary. Sometimes a Diva Girl has to do it on her own. Play the truff on your on grounds. It is nothing like a lady taking charge and it is show nothing wrong with it. Now I am that type of girl who likes some classy, romantic, healthy, freaky, ruff, and all … More Pampering