Pampering is very necessary. Sometimes a Diva Girl has to do it on her own. Play the truff on your on grounds. It is nothing like a lady taking charge and it is show nothing wrong with it. Now I am that type of girl who likes some classy, romantic, healthy, freaky, ruff, and all kinds of things. It depends on my mood. So last night I just wanted to chill for a minute and keep it healthy. I ran a warm bubbley bath to caress my skin, lite a lavender candle, and made a fruit plate with a dairy free yogurt and a course water! The lights were turned off, no music all silent. I just need a moment to my self just to think about anything. I had that time to clear my mind of every single thing. So that is how I take time to myself at home. It is a lot when you need it after having a heavy day.

How do you pamper yourself or take time for yourself? I would love to hear from you.

Fruit Plate:



Dairy Free Yogurt

Kept it simple! Smile

Signing off,


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