Vegan Travel

Vacation Trip

Sorry it has been a while since I been on.  I prepared this post sometime ago and just getting a chance to post. Read the post and please provide feedback on vegan restaurants everywhere. I can’t wait to hear back from you.

Finding Vegan Food and staying on track was an adventure, but I got through it just fine. The first day of getting to our destination my family ate at Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant. So I started to look at the menu, and I noticed there was nothing vegan anywhere on the menu, but salad. There were gluten free symbols, but no vegan foods that I wanted to eat.  So I drunk lemon water because I did not want the salad.  We went to Walmart, and I did get something from there to put in the macrowave. That following morning we ate at the hotel before going to Disney.  There breakfast I did find something at the Mexican Restaurant.  The Veggie Fajitas I ordered was amazingly delicious. This restaurant was on the expensive side, but they did take things I did not want off before preparing it.  I do not remember the name of the restaurant. So let me tell you I find it very difficult to eat out of time. Next time I will fix mason jars with food inside just for me. A lesson learned.

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