Recipes of lifestyle

The morning started with prayer, meditation, exercise, and breakfast. Wellness has always been important to me. It is the center of my being. It is one of the symbols that defines me.

What wellness means to me?

Wellness is having control over your life when it comes to change and growth. In order to move ahead you have to be willing to move forward by acknowledging your past.

How you do that?

Acknowledging that things occurred in your past and you can not go back to change those things. Ok, read closely: forgive and not forget. Somethings and people you have to be cautious on. With that being said some people have to be dropped from your life because they mean you any good. You are better than that. Ponder on what you just read.

Move forward:
Learn from your past and move forward with your future. In the mist of it all you are the center of your world to make or break your future.

Choose to have a healthy knowledgeable mind.
Choose to have a healthy body.
Choose to have positive people around you.
Choose to smile everyday.
Ask for help when needed from those you know mean well. (A great heart: infinity)
Choose to balance your life personally and professionally
Choose to protect the environment

All these things and more contribute to wellness. (Mind,Body,Soul)

I say yes to health and wellness! What do you say? What wellness means to you? The recipe I will share today is:

Strawberry Cucumber Parfait
Need a small mason jar or similar

1. Peanut Butter
2. Strawberries and cucumbers after slicing into small chunks
3. Lemon Curd
4. So Delicious (Coco whip cream)
5. Top it with strawberries and cucumbers sprinkling salt and pepper on top

Hope you enjoy

Signing off,


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