Delish Love

My love for vegetables is just unexplainable. My smile is beyond dazzling when this dish goes into my mouth. The bright colors, the smell, and the taste omg. Not to mention there is no meat. This meal is so filling and delicious you would not miss the meat. Just try it. Buy green, red, and … More Delish Love

Stir-Fry Veggies

Cooking has become one of my favorite things to do and it can be for you as well. When there are limited restaurants options for your acquired taste the best option is to prepare your own meal. I quickly found out I had to change my ways of doing things. I went from hyperthyroid to … More Stir-Fry Veggies

Healthy Eats

When eating you can choose to eat out or eat a home prepared meal. Which one would you rather do? I prefer to eat a home prepared meal. I sit at times and think to myself what would I like to eat with what flavors. There are times I can taste the flavors before I … More Healthy Eats

Discover the magic

Colors and styles are important and graceful for 2017-2018. There are four seasons which lead up to knowing what you like. Time Management is everything so that is why you should keep an eye out for what is hot. Keeping it real every color and style is not for everyone so stay real with yourself … More Discover the magic

Apple Glazed Pie

This morning I was in the cleaning mood. I wanted my house to smell like baking was going on. Somewhat like Fall since it is my favorite time of the year. I bought green apples yesterday and decided I would use them this morning. I washed them off and cut them into thin slices on … More Apple Glazed Pie

Peach Coconut Juice

It just would not be right if I did not treat myself with a homemade juice. This juice is absolutely amazing. I used my Ninja and it was right on time. I bought organic frozen peaches, coconut water, and Mango juice from Target. Simple ingredients are Organic frozen peaches Coconut Water Crushed ice (optional) Mango … More Peach Coconut Juice