(LT) Lettuce & Tomato Breakfast Sandwich

Morning! It is raining outside which caused me to adventure into my kitchen for a sandwich. Not any kind of sandwich it's a LT instead of a BLT. Keeping it vegan and clean. This is a James Bond kind of sandwich packed with action. Not a lot of time. Try it.

I took out my cutting board to cut my fresh vegetable and fruit. Did you know a tomato is a fruit? It has seeds.

I used Thomas Bagels (Everything kind).

I half the bagel and greased it with my homemade vegan garlic butter.

The garlic butter brings flavor.
I seasoned my tomatoes with garlic salt and pepper and placed the bagel and tomatos on the grill.

The favors omg good. I spread my homemade pesto on and vegan mayo.

The sandwich is amazing.

It is just that simple. E-Books coming soon.


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