Apple Glazed Pie

This morning I was in the cleaning mood. I wanted my house to smell like baking was going on. Somewhat like Fall since it is my favorite time of the year. I bought green apples yesterday and decided I would use them this morning. I washed them off and cut them into thin slices on … More Apple Glazed Pie

Mint Mango Sherbet

There is nothing like a refreshing non-dairy sherbet. It is so scrumptious it will have you wanting it another day. The ingredients are simple. No more than three ingredients and the color just brightens your life. Recipe: Mint leavesMangosCoconut Water I blended it in a Ninja Blender. Enjoy Signed, iamshawonnica

Strawberry Waffle Sandwich

This Strawberry Belgium Waffle  Cream Cheese Sandwich is delicious and a joy to make.  It is surround with strawberry syrup I made with maple syrup. Homemade cream cheese frosting is also homemade. Strawberry Syrup making is on my YouTube Channel.  Visit and subscribe. Signing off, iamshawonnica