Atlanta Walk: Shawonnica Hightower – Autism Speaks WalkI am walking this year in #AutismSpeaks Walk. My goal is to raise $2,000.You all know from reading a pass blog how close this cause is to me.  At the age of 3 my daughter was diagnosed with autism.  She is now 18.  She is able to do some things and other things she needs guidance doing.  As a parent or becoming a parent you never expect the unexpected.  The unexpected may be your child born with autism.  There is no manual to taking care of a baby in general, now add more 10x that.   Socialization skills are hard for autism kids to grasp.  Most do not know danger and will go out in front of a car without looking imagine that. Sleeping at night is really not sleeping at night when you are a parent dealing with your everyday life.  You see as a parent we sleep with one eye close and the other one open if you get the hint.  A child with autism may walk out the door during the night because they think nothing with happen.  They do not know strangers they think everyone is nice.  Many are not able to comprehend or tell you their feelings.  They do not know right from wrong and a lot of times police officers do not know the signs and how to handle certain situations.  It is a scary world knowing your child will grow to be an adult by age and not by intellectual age.   Autistic children may say anything without knowing they are saying not so nice words.  That is why I support this cause because I know what it is like because it is my story.With your help I will be able to reach my goal and assist people living with autism for the rest of their lives.Support my fundraiser cause by going to and donating to my page.Thank you for your support in advance,Shawonnica S. Hightower

Source: Atlanta Walk: Shawonnica Hightower – Autism Speaks Walk

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The feeling when your daughter is graduating from high school is just not explainable for me.  She has come along way, but she still have a long way to go.  I will be with her until the end of time. Society can be rude and dis-respectable. It is like there is not any rules for … More Mommy Emotional