Tuna Devil Eggs

My mind has been on the go lately. It has been like a waterfall that continues to fall. I manage to keep myself on track by making a schedule everynight for the following day. I even manage to stick to my stop time to clear and relax my mind. Every night before I go to … More Tuna Devil Eggs

Kitchen Must Haves

The year of 2017 is the year of change. Healthy ways Healthy saves. When you are cooking you should have some of the best cooking items in your space.  I just love The Pioneer Woman vintage non-stick  preseason cookware set.  This cookware speaks class. My 10 pieces set consist of 4.2 qt jumbo cooker with … More Kitchen Must Haves

Today’s Craving

Mornings do not have to be difficult at all. Just keep it plain and simple. I started my day off with just a Thank you Lord for blessing me to see another day. Meditation followed with exercise stretches. Took a warm bath, hair, moisturizer, and makeup. Breakfast was simple an absolutely delicious. The finest Yoghurt … More Today’s Craving

Flakey Skin

The one thing that I am always trying to find is a way to combat my dry flakey skin. My skin has a mind of its own, and I can not seem to read it. No matter what I use my skin reacts the same way. I have tried lotions, scrubs, oils, and creams. After … More Flakey Skin