Ciroc Smoothie

It is nothing like having a tastey drink. The recipe is below. Ingredients: *Make lemonade first ( honey sweetener) *Apple Ciroc  *blue berries *orange juice * lime *crush ice Blend all together  Place in mason jar top it with lemon and lime  Enjoy Signing off, iamshawonnica 

Acts of Kindness

October is my special month. It is the month I entered the world and so I find it  enthusiastic to give.  Acts of Kindness can happen at anytime, and it  have happened to me plenty of times especially at food chains. It is a triple effect. The person before you pay for your food, and … More Acts of Kindness

Mommy Emotional

The feeling when your daughter is graduating from high school is just not explainable for me.  She has come along way, but she still have a long way to go.  I will be with her until the end of time… Source: Mommy Emotional