Women Mission.

Women Mission is an important concept because we are so alike in so many ways. Do you ever state you are not a feminist? Well let’s look at the sociology of the matter. You may look at that term and think it has one meaning  men and women equality in all aspects of opportunities.  Yes, … More Women Mission.

Women & Flowers

                                 ~Pinterest Picture~ Different kinds of flowers have different meanings for different women. The same goes for the number of flowers receive especially fresh flowers. As we know the colors of Roses say different things, however your significant other may … More Women & Flowers

Women News

As a woman I found it interesting to learn about the history of women. It is amazing how the movie Hidden Figures tell the hidden story behind four African-American Women some of us did not know about.  It is spectacular how these women were apart of the huge success of NASA in the ’60s being … More Women News